Global Layer-2 VPN

global l3 vpn

ITC’s Global Ethernet Service is designed to deliver high bandwidth capacity, flexible service scalability and reliable access for the evolving demands of customer networks—an important asset in the quest to achieve a competitive edge in today’s business world.

Based on carrier-class technology, private and secure connectivity is established using standard Fast Ethernet (100BaseTX RJ45) interface with easy and quick provisioning. Use of the same interface is retained even as the bandwidth requirement grows, allowing signifcant optimization of the existing network infrastructure. The service is ideal for customers on different continents to expand their local area networks to metro or wide-area networks.

ITC Global Ethernet service provides secure point-to-point Ethernet connectivity. The service enables a more flexible and cost effective wide area networking solution than alternative legacy solutions, with scalable speeds.

Ease of use

Global Ethernet Services are provided via standard, widely available and well-understood Ethernet interfaces. Using Ethernet service to extend network interconnections globally simplifes network operations, administration and provisioning.


Flexible incremental bandwidth options tailored to meet the actual demand of required trafic, as opposed to legacy services.

By exploiting ITC’s Next-Generation Network (NGN), subscribers can enjoy higher bandwidth connectivity, scalable from 256 Kbps to 1 Gbps, using simple and familiar Ethernet connection with cost-effective pricing using Layer 2 VPNs

High Bandwidth Capability

Subscribers purchase only the required bandwidth as they need it, reducing overall operating expenses

Rapid Service Delivery

Technical consultancy, design and provisioning are provided to meet any technical requirement.

Network Reliability

Our carrier-class IP network has a redundant architecture with an availability of 99.99%.

24/7 Customer Service Operation

Manned by experienced service engineers and technicians, the customer service center provides support as and when needed by subscribers.