Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)

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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) services provide a secure and dedicated means of connectivity that can be used for a number of applications for different customers including Business Segment customers and Wholesale customers. SDH services ride on a standard SDH infrastructure built on a fiber network. An SDH infrastructure is deployed over rings of fiber which give SDH services their high resiliency and redundancy. SDH services provide simple, reliable, point-to-point connectivity between different customer offices and have coverage that spans Iraq and the Globe.

  • First world standard in digital format
  • First optical Interfaces
  • Multivendor environment drives price down
  • Flexible synchronous multiplexing structure
  • Easy and cost-efficient traffic add-and-drop and cross connect capability
  • Reduced number of back-to-back interfaces improves network reliability and serviceability
  • Highly flexible and survivable self-healing rings