Storage Fiber Sync. (SFS)

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Storage Fiber Synchronization (SFS) service is aimed to address the growing need for carrying out data replication between the Data Center and the Disaster Recovery Center in real-time.

SFS service is based on WDM technology which provides a high bandwidth and lowest latency services that are private and secure between customer sites, using optical networking technology over ITC’s fiber infrastructure.

SFS Service is provided on direct (not switched) fiber between Customer Sites, and each circuit has a dedicated wavelength and dedicated equipment, provides a guaranteed bandwidth.

  • Lowest latency data transport
  • Highest data transport security
  • Support of all LAN and storage protocols and interfaces like
  • Encryption of data transport on wavelengths optionally available
  • Native transport of all protocols without need of protocol conversion
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy and fast bandwidth upgrades possible
  • Complete end-to-end management of link between the data centers by ITC
  • Different protection scenarios and SLA types are available