Layer 3 VPN

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ITC’s Layer-3 Virtual Private Network (L3-VPN) allows you to build a network that acts like an extension of your private corporate network, but runs on ITC’s shared network infrastructure. The result is a fast and efficient way of making scattered and far-flung locations seem like local sites. Our MPLS-based IP-VPN service interconnects various sites to create a single, seamless company-wide communications network capable of carrying all your voice, data and multimedia applications.

Benefits & Features
  • Ease of network scalability
  • Secure inter-branch connectivity Consolidated data, voice and video services through a single connection Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Cost efficiency Flexible topology support. No need to change the topology of your network. We support different architectures that cater to your needs including MESH, Point-to-Multipoint (Hub and Spoke) and Point-to-Point.
  • Scalability: Easily upgrade your links and expand your network by simply adding more branches.
  • Security: Our MPLS implementation provides a level of privacy equivalent to that provided by today’s Frame Relay and ATM services.
  • Reliability: Our carrier-class IP network has a redundant architecture backed by SLAs for high service uptime to meet your business requirements.